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Learn, memorize and orgnize smartly with simplest, yet most efficent flashcard maker.


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Easy to use

Make use of one of the most intuitive interfaces seen in a flashcard maker app! See how many notes you have in each flashcard without opening the flashcards.

Rich-Text Editor

Format your texts within the flashcards and notes smartly with our rich-text editor. Good formated texts will help you learn and memorize more effectively!

Facebook or Google login

No need to create separate accounts for fefet. Just log in with your facebook or google account.

Create and edit cards anywhere

you can learn, memorize and orgnize smartly in every device. fefet is availble on both android and ios devices, include iphone and ipad. with same account you can learn anywhere.

Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices from 5.5


Awesome Screenshots

Here are some screenshots from our app.


Features In Fefet

these are mean features of Fefet

Easy to use

Fefet is designed to be as simple as possible. We belive in that with simplicity you will learn easier.


with bookmark a card you can start a deck from where you left your learning.


If a deck has more than five cards, you don't need to swipe all cards for a big jump in cards.

Rich-Text Editor

With Rich-Text editor, you can easily format your text to be for example bold, list, add image, highlight and change the text color.

Learning Status

Change Cards status to happy, sad and neutral. this will remind you about last learning status.


You will get notifications when something important happend. we will notify you about last updates.

Free Updates

We are working on interesting new features that will come out early. so you will get updates early.

Fast Support

We will respond to any message from you. our team will try to solve your problems.

How Fefet Works

Working with fefet is very simple and easy. We create this video to quickly show you are application.

Modern, Powerful and Creative

Fefet is a powerful yet easy to use flashcards maker app that lets you create different flashcards in different categories. Creating a series of flashcards is as easy as tapping on the + icon on the top right side of the screen and you have the option to add images, links, headers, lists, and notes to your cards.

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  • 50 decks/notebooks
  • 100 cards/notes


$ 3.99 / monthly
  • Unlimited Decks/Notebooks
  • Unlimited Cards/Notes
  • 3 GB of Storage
  • Dark Theme
  • Theme Customization
  • Advanced Editor
  • No ADS

Note! Prices may vary from location to location due to local taxation laws and conversion rates from U.S. Dollars.

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